Press Release

The pop genre is alive and well, its everywhere. But there is a new guy, a young guy in town who is putting a different sound to that genre.

The Aussie artist Nick Drossos has released his debut song “Beautiful” and it resonates. Nick renders angst and insecurities with the heart broken sincerity of a dumped teen.

When you listen to Nick’s sound you are reminded of the fragile voice of Olly Alexander, the lead singer of the brit band Years and Years. But there is also a glimpse of Shawn Mendes and his searing insight into the now generation’s feelings and emotions.

Influenced by Timberlake, Bieber and crossed with the indie pop sounds of Bastille his image is almost anti the swagger of the current day pop guys. He explores more the inner insecurities, emotions and delves deeper and somehow with a more realistic spin on life and love

With Nick’s unique and interesting voice he explores the fragility of young love. Nick gives emotional and heart felt renditions of his original music and interesting covers.

He also shows his fun side with his pop cuties “Your Name’” and “Can We” which have videos of love interests dragging the love struck Nick through his lovelorn paces.


This guy is one to watch