Nick Drossos – Triple Threat Plus One – Social Media

So these days its not enough to be a triple threat. You need the forth ingredient – Social Media, and you need to be ACTIVE, really ACTIVE

Nick Drossos has known that fact for quite a while now. He has been working diligently on all aspects of his career for many years and daily pumps out tweets, broadcasts and posts as well as practicing his music and finding time to write new songs.

This Australian pop artist has gone at it hard and now his hard work is paying off and he has many fans from all over the world, especially in his home country and also in the US.

His daily online broadcasts are fun and he combines singing live and playing games with his fans. He also posts pictures when he is out and about with his friends and posts=-09his fun Youtube videos weekly where his is singing or just having fun.

This 17 year old combines his busy life with hanging out and also studying online. But being busy is what he likes to be and so he is happy doing what he lovesc and having fun online

His new original single is called “Can We” – a catchy uptempo pop song and he was excited to release it online recently. The video is the story of teen crush and Nick is trying to get the girl of his dreams….which happens in the end.

So check out this teen pop singer on all the social medias – you should enjoy his cool original music.