Teen Girls Love Teen Boys

Its like a fact, well I don’t have like any real statistics and such but my friends and I really know its totally true.

That Teen Girls definitely 100% love Teen boys. You know the good looking ones who sing and act all romantic and kooky on youtube.

Well now that we’ve got that out of the way and now that you know its totally true I’m going to introduce you to Nick Drossos, a 16 year old Pop singer from Melbourne

So you’ve got your Austin Mahones, Elyar Foxes and Cody Simpsons (even though he started in Australia, he’s definitely American .If you’ve never heard of any of these then your not a teen girl obviously……. But where are the Aussie boys.???

Nick Drossos is the one

This guy is home grown and young and talented. Been doing lots in the “I’m still going to school and go to singing and dancing classes all weekend” stuff.

Now he’s released his debut single YOUR NAME which is pure pop, lots of fun and relates to the teen girl fans out there in OZ. His fans are called “NEONS”

Nick De sings and dances – think of a young Timomatic – and he is the next teen star to hit Australia – anyway me and my girlfriends think so .