My Cool Life on Social Media


Nick Drossos is one of the new kind of stars – living mostly on new social medias such as Twitter, Instagram and a broadcasting site called YouNow.

He actively posts his music, pictures, thoughts and sometimes funny antics on his channels and can spend up to 3 hours a day talking to fans and having fun online. Through these extensive networks he has built up a huge following of fans all across the world.

“This is the new way of doing things, you gotta be on all social medias and engage with all your fans all the time. Its hard work but it really is fun”

This is not to say that Nick doesn’t have the raw talent – he is an accomplished singer, dancer and actor and was recently accepted into a prestigious acting course in the US called AIPA which allows him to train under the shakers and movers in the hot LA movie business. For a young guy from Melbourne this was a bit overwhelming at the start but Nick took to it like a pro and got to work with the acclaimed Christian Kaplan from Fox Studios and executives from the famous Universal and Paramount Studios.

However it is his work online which gives this teen his greatest pleasure.

“This is the way to get your music out to the fans right now. This is how we do it now, we’re independent and we make our own path”


No doubt Nick is forging a long career for himself so you should check him out online soon