Nick Drossos is a 18 year old pop singer and dancer from Melbourne, Australia. In this interview he talks about his love for music, his new single “Your Name” and his plans for the future.

1. Music is your passion. How did it all start?

Nick Drossos: I have been singing and dancing for about 10 years, since I was 5! I started performing in local shows and at festivals my home town of Melbourne Australia with my band called Neon Kids. We performed to young kids at country fairs, singing and dancing. I’m a singer, dancer and I play piano and guitar and I’m just 18 so I work pretty hard to achieve my goals and fulfill my dreams. I guess I’m trying to turn my passion into my career and I am excited about the future ahead and what it will bring

2. You have just released your new single “Your Name” on your YouTube channel. Tell us about this project.

Nick Drossos: The pop song “Your Name” is my debut song and I think it is very current and right on the target as a 2014 pop song. It was written by my friend Gregory Watton in LA who has also written some of my new songs due to be released later this year. “Your Name” has had a great response on Youtube so much that it is now being played on IHEART radio on the Socially Sound station which is for “break out artists from social media” Very exciting to hear it every time it comes on and my Mum records it every time…she’s so excited!

3. Where did the inspiration for this song come from?

Nick Drossos: Well the song is about a guy who is too shy to talk to a girl he sees all the time at his dance school and who then finally finds the nerve to go up and ask her name…….does that ring a bell at all? Well I guess the inspiration is from every guy who just wants to talk to a girl but is too shy to do so.

4. How would you describe your music philosophy and style?

Nick Drossos: I’m a normal, shy teenager and I think my music reflects this. I have insecurities and all the normal teen problems and I like to reflect this in my songs. None of that alpha male stuff here, just a normal teen singing about things in his life. I like to sing sad songs and usually wear my heart on my sleeve with my songs.

5. Who influenced you the most in your music career?

Nick Drossos I really love the usual pop singers, but particularly Bruno Mars – he’s the best. But I would say for me it is my great singing and dancing teachers who influence me. Just practicing week after week at a local dance school with a dream to succeed is the biggest influence in my life and so all those teachers who gave me the skills to succeed are my heroes

6. Do you have any planned appearances or gigs for the near future?

Nick Drossos: I am coming to LA in the summer and will be appearing in a show there called KICK which highlights Youtube stars. That should be fun.

7. Are you working on or planning to release any other albums/songs?

Nick Drossos: Yes I have 4 more songs coming out through this year. They are really good and I am looking forward to releasing them. One is about “High School Politics” and another about breaking up with a girl…the usual subject called “I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye”

8. With the advent of so many ways to promote and sell your product, do you think it’s possible for Pop musicians to make a name of themselves even if they don’t have a big record company behind them?

Nick Drossos: Great question…it is very hard. Then to add on to that is the fact that I live in Australia – a different time zone….aaaagh!

I hope that I can make a new fan every day by talking on facebook and twitter. Social media offers a great opportunity to showcase yourself but it is a hard slog to get there. For me I am still performing at local fairs and events just to get my songs out there. But the big guys have it all tied up that’s for sure.

9. What are some of the promotional tools a musician can use to find listeners? 

Nick Drossos: I am still discovering all the ways to promote oneself on the internet and it seems there is a new social media platform opening up every few days.

Right now I like Facebook

and Twitter


and a new one called Vine

Nick De – I Follow Back 🙂

and of course putting my videos and songs on youtube

The problem is keeping up with them all and still trying to create new music, go to school, have a life and be a teenager……now that you put it all like that… wonder I’m exhausted! Just joking, its all good fun and I am enjoying the ride.


Nick Drossos