What are you a HUGE fan

1. What are you a HUGE fan of?

Nick Drossos: Of course I love pop music. Listening to it, watching vids on youtube and checking out new music is a big part of what I do, of course when I’m not doing my own music, writing and performing.

2. What posters do you have up on your bedroom wall?

Nick Drossos: None – I have a couple of paintings but no posters

3. So many girls love One Direction, what do you think about them?

Nick Drossos: Yeah I think they’re cool. Very talented and a world phenomenon. In the beginning I was laughing at all the girls and their favourites and obsessions but now I kinda think it’s a way of the fans having fun by sharing the excitement

4. Do you read celeb gossip?

Nick Drossos: Yep, I eat it up with two spoons. In magazines, on the internet and at the checkout in the supermarket

5. Do you get all the hype around The Fault in Our Stars?

Nick Drossos: Nope, like a love story or something?

6. How would girls know what guys are into?

Nick Drossos: I think most guys are into sports. Because I am a singer I am into music more than other normal guys. Fan girls are into their own star and I don’t think they care about real guys at that point. The real world doesn’t come into it.

7. Fan girls will do some pretty crazy things. Can you relate?

Nick Drossos: Yep, I think its cool. Haha. Had a little bit of that on my social media sites where girls say I love you and want to be my girlfriend, and all I have said to them is “hiya”. Its pretty crazy. The comments they leave on my sites are pretty intense, but I think its just a way of them having fun and just enjoying themselves

8. Do screaming fan girls scare you or bring a smile to your face?

Nick Drossos: I love it. Of course the whole marketing of all the pop stars is around how cute they are, how they are looking for a girlfriend….when these stars get real GF’s the fans go crazy on them. At that point it’s not cool

9. What do you think about some of the things girls are obsessed with? (e.g. 5SOS, Lorde, Hunger Games, Divergent, etc.)

Nick Drossos: I think it’s fun. Being obsessed with pop culture is fun because it makes you feel like a family, brings like minds together – beliebers, mahomies, directioners. My fans are called Neons- coz we shine like Neon