A Day in the Life of a New Style Pop Artist

Whether you find him in the recording studio, at his piano or working his social media sites, Nick Drossos is a busy guy. A busy guy from Australia.

He is the new style of singing teen artist who has his influence in all walks of internet promotions, something that is a total necessity to today’s performing star. He daily does a YouNow broadcast (video blogging) and is active on twitter, facebook , snapcahat and Instagram. But most of all he is a pop singer who wants to get his original songs (and some covers) out to his audience of fans.

So far he has written and released two original songs and cool music videos called “Beautiful” and “Can We”, both of which have Nick as a love struck teen chasing the girl of his dreams. This is in fact a theme to his music, that of love and romance….aah young love, what more is there to say.

He has been working for quite a while on his music and performing skills and is an accomplished musician and dancer as well as a singer. He is excited to talk about being accepted into a coveted acting school in Los Angeles called Professional Actors Masterclass by AIPIA which will gives him a chance to show his talent in front of 70 plus industry professionals in the absolute centre of all that is music and acting. These will include Disney, Nickelodeon and LA agents looking for triple threats.

Now, like every new style of pop artist he is busy working daily on his music and releasing videos online to the social medias and chatting to his fans and friends for hours about his music and his dreams.

So get to know this Aussie talent and check out his music. There is definitely gonna be more to know about this new style pop artist and busy social media contributor.



Website www.nickdrossos.com.au

Email – denise@lifesystems.com.au

Cell                  – Australia – 0418 177516

-USA    – 818 852 4172

Direct message through facebook