Nick Drossos – Singer Songwriter

Nick Drossos – Teen Male Pop Singer

The singer songwriter – DROS – Nick Drossos is from Melbourne Australia and his music moves interestingly between pure pop, indie and EDM. Over the past six months DROS has been working with established producers in Los Angeles where he has put together music with elements from Chainsmokers to Bieber to The Beatles. Through the last twelve months he has been refining his style and we are keen to hear more of his interesting voice.

Vocally DROS is accomplished and charming and his sound is fresh and interesting. This multi-instrumentalist has been honing his talents and his work is showing exciting potential locally and overseas.

With industry attention continuing to grow in momentum, we’re looking forward to seeing DROS making new music and live a lot more frequently. He has fresh and exciting potential still waiting to be tapped.

Should be an exciting year ahead.

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