About Nick Drossos – Australian Pop Singer

About Nick Drossos – Australian Pop Singer

If you mention the genre POP music these days you will likely be hit with looks of distain. Popular music and popular songs fall into other cooler categories such as EDM, electronica, DJ remixes etc and that is why new male pop singer Nick Drossos (DROS) is unique.


This guy loves to be called a pop singer and promotes his music to all fans who love 2017 new pop songs and youtube singers.

Nick loves to be the singer who appeals to all fans and he is also very active on social medias such as Instagram, snapchat, twitter and facebook. He is on musical.ly under his name – thenickdrossos.

He truly is hitting the mark for a youtube singer with cool covers and also releasing his original music – hoping to hit top music charts. I personally love his funny videos and funny take on teen humour.

Check him out here :

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